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Presenter Information

Call for proposals for CHEP 2025 will open this summer.

Presentation Types

Practice sessions are 45 minutes in length. Practice sessions are focused on sharing, modeling, and discussing higher education teaching and learning, while allowing for interaction with and among session participants. These sessions should go beyond simply "how to" to include "why to." Interactivity with participants is strongly encouraged.  

Research session presentations are 20 minutes in length. Research sessions are designed to inform participants of the design, implementation, and results of empirical research focused on teaching and learning in higher education. Please note that two research presentations are scheduled together for each presentation block. A timekeeper will be present in the room to ensure the first presentation does not exceed the allotted time.

Poster sessions allow for the discussion of scholarly research and/or practice addressing higher education pedagogy with conference participants in an informal scholarly environment. The Poster Session is on Thursday, February 8 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

View more information on poster format requirements and printing

Available Technology

Computers are NOT provided. Presenters should bring their own laptops.

Projection and Sound
Each presentation room is equipped with a projector, screen, and audio capability.  Your laptop may need an adapter to work correctly with the projector. We have a limited number of adapters available for checkout. However, we recommend you bring your own to ensure you have the correct adapter for your machine.

The Inn at Virginia Tech as free guest wifi available for presenters to access.

Assistance with Setup
Conference staff members will be available to assist with technology setup.

Other Items Available for Checkout

The main conference registration table will have the following items available for checkout for presenters' use:

  • large post-it notes
  • markers
  • easels and flip charts

Room Setup

Each presentation room will have a presenter station up front. The room will be arranged with rows of chairs to provide as much seating as possible. For Conversation Sessions, chairs may be arranged in a circle or semicircle. If you have a special setup need or request, please contact the conference chair.