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2022 CHEP Presentation Materials


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Thursday, February 10

Session 2

Using Team-Teaching to Promote Integrated Learning Among Undergraduates
Yu-Fu Chen
Lauren Brooks       
        handouts (pdf)

Students as Partners: Building Learning Success Tools in Your Course
Chaya R Jain
Leslie Y Whiteman Cheryl P Talley
Brian L Sayre
        handouts (pdf)

Session 3

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Assessment Through Specifications Grading
Michelle Gricus       
        slides (pdf)
        handouts (pdf)

A Comparison of Traditional and Online Mid-Semester Feedback
Gavin Frome 
Erin Horan      
        slides (pdf)

Session 4

The Lecture is Not Dead: Using Storytelling to Enhance Lectures        
Kristin Phillips   
        slides (pdf)

A Strengths-Based Approach to Trauma in the Classroom
Iana Amiscaray
        slides (pdf)

Session 5 

Supporting Immigrant Students Achieving Academic Success
Timothy Cedor
        slides (pdf)

Friday, February 11

Session 6

Rethinking Active Learning to Promote Student Success
Hildi Nicksic
Stacia Miller
Suzanne Lindt
        slides (pdf)

Session 7

Enhancing Multimodal Student Engagement: Authentic Learning Across our Global Network  
Alex Fronduto
Lindsay Portnoy
Elizabeth Zulick
        slides (pdf)

Authentic Teaching: What It Is and Why/How to Do It!
Hannah Shinault 
        slides (pdf)
        handouts (pdf)

Session 8

Relationship of Deep Learning with Student Satisfaction and Employability Skills     
Madhu Kapania    
        slides (pdf) 

A Three-Step Meditation Practice for the University’s Post-Pandemic Community
Jacqueline (Jakki) Williams
        slides (pdf)

Session 9

Students Use of to Memorialize Professors Who Have Died       
Christopher Seitz
Muhsin Orsini    
        slides (pdf)

Perspectives on Using Data for Teaching in the Social Sciences
Kayla McNabb, Melanie Gainey, Emma Slayton,
Gayle Schaub, Samantha Minnis, Wendy Mann, Samantha Guss
        slides (pdf)

Session 10

Maintaining Course Quality, Integrity, and Rigor Between Multiple Modalities   
Jessica Julak
Michael Forder 
        slides (pdf)
        handouts (pdf)
        handouts (pdf)

Engaging Students From the Start: Implementing Meaningful Warm-Up Activities
Hannah Jardine
Marissa Stewart
        slides (pdf)
        handouts (pdf)

SuperStudio: An Approach for Developing Transdisciplinary, Problem-Focused, Thematic Courses
Stephanie Lewis, Anne-Lise Velez, Najla Mouchrek,
Ralph Hall, Zackary Underwood, Daron Williams
        handouts (pdf)

Session 11

Fuel Student Engagement with Slow-Motion Debates 
Josh DeSantis
        slides (pdf)