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2021 CHEP Presentation Materials

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Opening Keynote, Thursday, February 4

Socrates, the Unexamined Life, and the Post-Truth Era
Mays Imad

Closing Keynote, Friday, February 5

“What About Us?”: Taking Care of Ourselves so We Can Take Care of Others
Stephanie Dashiell
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Thursday, February 4

Concurrent Session 2

Mindfulness and the Role of Contemplative Pedagogy
Renee Hosang-Alleyne and Joshua Howell
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Spotlighting Learning Analytics: An Improvement Tool for Online Engineering Courses
Paige West
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Poster Session 1

Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for EFL Language Teachers
Kamla Al Amri
Poster (PDF)

Concurrent Session 3

Building Inclusive Teaching Practices on a Universal Design Framework
Sheryl Burgstahler
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)  

Dynamic Learning Environments: Enhancing learning with Instruction-al Technologies
Morris Thomas and Angela Bullock
Presentation Slides (PDF)

“Zoomed Out”: The Exhaustion of Teaching Online
Lorie Kramer and Karen Stylianides
Agenda (PDF)

Concurrent Session 4

Moving High-Touch, Interactive Interprofessional Education Online
Alicia Williams, Amy Johnson, Caroline Abercrombie, and Brian Cross
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)

Concurrent Session 5

Software Tools for Detecting Exam Plagiarism
Edward Gehringer
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Life History as Assignment: Discovering Intersectional Identities
Suchitra Samanta
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Friday, February 5

Concurrent Session 6

Designing Transdisciplinarity: Logistics and Strategies for Co- Teaching Higher- Order Collaboration
Anne-Lise Velez, Stephanie Lewis, Ralph Hall, Joanie Banks-Hunt, Daron Williams, Zack Underwood, and Amy Showalter
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Concurrent Session 7

College Student Views (via of Teaching Methods During COVID-19
Christopher Seitz and Muhsin Michael Orsini
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Upping Your Game: Finding Open-Access Teaching and Learning Resources
Astrid Mel, Mary Stenson, Jessica Kutz, Katherine Clark, Jennifer Caputo, and Samantha Johnson
Handout (PDF)

Poster Session 2

Designing and Using an Active Learning Workbook in Calculus 1
Katherine Bowe
Poster (PDF)

The Challenges of Blended Learning in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic
Maha Alfaleh
Poster (PDF)

Tips for Designing an Inclusive Online Course
Sheryl Burgstahler
Poster (PDF)

Virtual Shared Didactics: Meeting Training Needs for Geographically-Distanced Residency Programs
Alicia Williams and Glenda Stockwell
Poster (PDF)

Concurrent Session 8

Integrating Physical Activity in the College Classroom: Strategies for Implementation
Stacia Miller, Suzanne Lindt, and Hildi Nicksic
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Pedagogy of Teamwork: What Students Expect When Collaborating in College
Laura Vernon
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Concurrent Session 9

Online and Blended Learning Planning Matrices
Mary Slade and Patricia Westerman
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Using Behavior Analytic Principles to Enhance On-Campus and Online Instruction
Rachel Potter
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Concurrent Session 10

In the Field: Effective Experiential Learning with Client Partners
Jane Machin, Gary Schirr, and Maneesh Thakkar
Worksheet (PDF)