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2020 CHEP Presentation Materials

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Thursday, February 6


The Unwritten Rules of College: Creating Transparent Assignments that Increase Students' Success Equitably
Mary-Ann Winkelmes
          slides (pdf)

Session 2

Inviting Students to the Table: Negotiating Power in Course Design
Hannah Scherer

          slides (pdf)
          handouts (pdf)

Session 3

Using High-impact Applied Learning for Information Literacy Development
Jill Waity, Stephanie Crowe
          slides (pdf)

Creating Campus Escape Classrooms to Enhance Student Engagement
Denise Wilkinson, Kathy Stolley, Jeff Toussaint, Amber Gruszeczka
          slides (pdf)

Session 4

From Chaos to Personal Transformation: Lived Experiences of Ungraded Students
Katherine Greenberg, Brian Sohn, Lauren Moret
          slides (pdf)
          bibliography (pdf)

Poster Session

Promoted Online Tutorial Use in General Chemistry
Timothy Champion, John Bannister
          poster (pdf)

Friday, February 7

Session 6

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Connecting Narrative Based Research Projects to Communities
Donald Snyder
          slides (pdf)

Session 7

Rapid-Prototyping as Feedback Strategy in Project-based Courses
Alicia Johnson, Miko Nino
          handout (pdf)

What is Art? Enhancing Persuasive Writing Through Philosophical Debate
Rachelle Kuehl, Dan Kuehl
          slides (pdf)

Session 8

Are You a Teaching Ninja? Gen Z Edition
Candice Benjes-Small, Susan Van Patten
          sources consulted (pdf)

Cognition and Emotions in Your Classroom
Elaine Kaye, Nicole Wilson
          slides (pdf)

Session 9

Developing A Collaborative Teaching Plan: Strategies and Insights
Anne Brown, Nikki Lewis
          slides (pdf)
          handouts (pdf)

Session 10

Interdisciplinary Large-Scale Assessment: A Balancing Act
James Dubinsky, Serena Frost, Steve Matuszak
          slides (pdf)

Podcasting in the Classroom
Jay Proffitt, Rachel Willis