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2019 CHEP Presentation Materials

Wednesday, January 30

A Practical Guide for Implementing Learning-Centered Teaching - handout
        Phyllis Blumberg

Thursday, January 31

Using Visual Data Sources to Explore Students' Perceptions of Disciplines - slides
        Homero Murzi and Matthew James

Visualizing Justice: Graphic Novels and Citizenship Education - handout
        Angelo Letizia

Friday, Februay 1

Can a Social Intervention Improve Student Learning? - slides
        Kevin Ayers

Enhancing Student Learning Experiences through Reading Aloud - handout
        Charmaine Jake-Matthews, Oliver Pergams

Strategies to Get Students to Engage in the Classroom - handout
        Kevin Ayers

Transferring Skills and Theories into Civic Engagement: Expanding Your Courses - slides
        Brian Kurisky, Kathy Shepherd Stolley, Robin Takacs, Denise Wilkinson

Transforming Education with Infographics as Assignments - slides
        Kristen McAuley, Tinukwa Boulder