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2023 CHEP Presentation Materials

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Session 3

Converting/Designing a Course to/for Project-Based Learning (PBL)
Steve Matuszak
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 4

Detecting and Closing Learning Gaps in the Post-Pandemic Classroom
Ashley Bentley and Lana L. Becker
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 6

To Teach or not to Teach: Evidence-based DEI classroom strategies
Shernita Lee, Shania Clinedinst, and Isil Anakok
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Poster Session

Engaging the Text: Social Annotation in the Classroom
Michele Ren and Kali Smith
Poster (PDF)

Friday, February 17, 2023

Session 6

What Gets Processed Gets Learned: Formative Assessment and Feedback
Suzanne Shelburne and David Hicks
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 8

The Power of the Microphone: Delivering Content & Assessing Student Learning Outcomes through Podcasting
Austin Council
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 10

Best Practices in Writing Multiple Choice Questions
Brian W. Hill
Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 11

Enabling Faculty Experiential Learning Through Authoring Open Educational Resources
Anita Walz, Kindred Grey, Erin Hopkins, Donald Orth, and Laura Neser
Presentation Slides (PDF)