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Proposal submission is closed.


Proposals for the 2022 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy due by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 30, 2021.


The Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy accepts proposals for research, practice, conversation, and poster sessions. Proposals should focus on an aspect of teaching and learning at the university/college level.

Proposals must be submitted online (see link below). Here is the information you will need to complete your submission:

  • Type (e.g., research, practice)
  • Category (e.g., instructional strategies/design)
  • Title (10 word max)
  • Brief Description for Conference Program (100 words or less)
  • Proposal (500 words max)
  • References (if applicable)
  • Presenter Information

Please review the session type below for more specific information on what to include in your 500 word proposal.

Research session presentations are 20 minutes in length. Research sessions are designed to inform participants of the design, implementation, and results of empirical research focused on teaching and learning in higher education. Please note that two research presentations are scheduled together for each presentation block. A timekeeper will be present in the room to ensure the first presentation does not exceed the allotted time.

Research proposals should ground the study in the existing literature, describe the study methodology, provide data analysis and results, and state conclusions.

Practice sessions are 45 minutes in length. Practice sessions are focused on sharing, modeling, and discussing higher education teaching and learning, while allowing for interaction with and among session participants. These sessions should go beyond simply "how to" to include "why to." Interactivity with participants is strongly encouraged. 

Practice proposals should ground the practice in the existing literature, describe how the practice will be exemplified during the session, and explain how the presenter(s) will engage the audience.

Roundtable or conversation sessions are 45 minutes in length. These sessions are designed to provide a time and space for participants to discuss instructional issues within higher education teaching and learning. Facilitators will provide discussion questions to encourage conversation among session participants. Please note that conversation sessions will limit participants and encourage more active participation and discussion among those in the room.

Roundtable/conversation sessions should describe the topic to be addressed, ground the topic in the existing literature, and explain how the presenter(s) will facilitate conversation with session participants. Presentation slides should NOT be used.

Poster sessions allow for the discussion of scholarly research and/or practice addressing higher education pedagogy with conference participants in an informal scholarly environment. There will be one poster session held on the first day of the conference (Thursday). For more information on poster format requirements and printing, please click here.

Poster proposals should follow the requirements set above for either research or practice (as appropriate).